International accounting standards provide credibility in the presentation of information. For the conversion of the new language, the orientation in the elaboration of a strategic plan of high level is required, in order to manage the transition in an integral way, permeating all the areas, processes and systems in the company.

With the purpose of:

  • Know the obligations that arise from the Accounting Law in Colombia.

  • Comprender las estructuras, contenido y el propósito de los estados financieros básicos bajo NIIF.

We train in the certainty of the effective fulfillment of tax obligations and in the realization of tax planning for the optimal payment of your taxes. This is necessary for professionals in different areas such as accounting, economics, administration and related, allowing to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the provisions that regulate taxes.



We provide advice on the knowledge and tools to have financial control over the company, starting with the knowledge of the company's corporate purpose through a financial diagnosis, which will serve as a starting point for strategic action plans that help the continuous improvement of the company.


We guide in the performance of audit programs in the accounting, tax, labor and financial areas. Looking for the preparation for operations, Financial Statements, compliance with current legal regulations, and we encourage training based on the application of work based on the International Audit Standards applied in Colombia in accordance with decree 0302 of 2015.


We train in the control and fiscal audit management focused on mitigating risks, optimizing the management of the administration and responding to the demands of the globalized context.

The objective of tax planning is:

  • Identify and optimize tax benefits.

  • Search and create mechanisms to comply with all the requirements required by law, avoiding penalties or higher tax payments.

Fiscal Audit exercise with a critical but constructive sense, observing the parameters of law related to the permanence in the provision of information, in addition to the application of a comprehensive approach contemplated in the Professional Provision.


The objective of this training is to provide knowledge on tax reconciliation, with practical workshops, for the proper management of the control and reconciliation system in the financial accounting relationship with the income statement.


The members, the regulations and existing technical conditions for electronic invoicing will be announced.

Legal framework, delivery conditions, authorization procedure, regulation of authorized suppliers, obliged resolutions and free solution.

The applicability of the regulations issued will be analyzed: Decree 2242, Resolution 000019 and Resolution number 000020 (MAR 26, 2019).


This training aims:

  • Update on the changes that affect the preparation and presentation of the declaration of income or income and assets.

  • Identify the tax concepts and principles according to the regulations in force in Colombia.

  • Novedades para entidades del régimen tributario especial

  • News in the tax reconciliation report, format 2516.

  • Important points about exempt income and income

  • Tratamiento fiscal de la diferencia en cambio.

  • Classification of legal persons detailing the specific characteristics of taxpayers and non-taxpayers.

  • Debugging of the accounting result to obtain the fiscal result in entities of the ordinary regime.


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