• AGS Gestión Contable S.A.S. It has a team of highly trained specialists in the field of transfer pricing that will be responsible for the preparation of the informative Affidavit - Local report 


  • Protect the taxable base in transactions between related or related companies.

  • Avoid manipulation of transactions between related parties, such as taking profits to countries with a lower tax rate.

  • Establish procedures through which the reality of operations can be verified.

  • Establish methodologies to verify the appropriate allocation of the price to operations.

  • Supervise the operations carried out with entities located in non-cooperating jurisdictions, with low or no taxation and preferential tax regimes, such as tax havens.

  • Make decisions that prevent erosion of the tax base.


In AGS Gestión Contable we accompany you to comply with the regulations and standards of transfers pricing. 


  • The preparation of the documentation of transfer pricing (local report and master report).

  • Preparation and submission of form No. 120.

  • Strategic transfer pricing planning.

  • Support in audits.

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